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Which student is a craftswoman?

In honor of "Rural Development, Tourism and Volk crafts" and Mother's Day on March 5, the final round of the competition titled "Student Artist of the Year – 2020" was held by the Board of the Institute.

The skills and talents of the participants was assessed by the representatives of the ministries and departments of the country. This process was highly evaluated by them and underlined that such competitions is very useful and important manner.

It was noted that the main goal of the competition is to find the best talented girls and help to increase their sense of beauty, self-esteem and respect for folk crafts.

It should be noted that the competition was held at a very  high level.  The first year student of the Russian Philology Faculty – Sabrina Nuralizada was selected by juries as the student craftswoman of 2020 at the Institute. Winners were also awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts.


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