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Meeting of Ilkhomjon Khamidiyon with members of the “Tului Sukhan” group and the “Durakhsh” team.


On April 11, a meeting of a journalist , head of the youth affairs department of the Executive Committee of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan, associate professor Ilkhomjon Khamidiyon had been held with members of the “Tului Sukhan” club and the “Durakhsh” team on the theme “Youth: yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

 The Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, associate professor Asadullo Najmiddinov said that the club’s main goal is to find the new talents, to expand political and legal knowledge, to develop journalistic skills and to improve the staff resources.

 In a free conversation with students, Ilhomjon Hamidiyon spoke about the problems, achievements and plans for the future of modern youth and exhorted them to devote their golden years on mastering the modern knowledge and foreign languages  in order to take their well- deserved place in society in the future.

The dean of the faculty of Tajik philology, Bakhtiyor Abdurakhimov, thanked the journalist, Ilkhomjon Khamidiyon and active members of the club for organizing such a useful event.