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The beginning of the Week of Science at the Institute

On April 13, a conference was held at the institute on the topic “Research in the field of linguistics, literary relations and social sciences in the era of globalization of the information space”, dedicated to 2020-2040 - “The twentieth anniversary of the study and development of natural, exact and mathematical sciences in the field of science and education” with the participation of professors, teachers and students.

Opening the conference, the rector of the Institute, Mahmadullo Rajabzoda, said: “Thanks to such important scientific events, we have new young scientists who, through their interesting ideas and valuable research, enrich our modern science.”

“In every country and nation where the foundation of science and knowledge is not strong, society can face ignorance, temper, war and unhappiness, as well as death, because the advantage of science is unlimited, the status of a scientist is high, dignity is unlimited,” the rector added.

Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Asadullo Nadzhimiddinov made a report on the topic “Advantages of using information technology in the learning process”, Professor Rukhshona Vosieva made a presentation on the topic “Use of folklore in gazelles by Kamoli Khujandi”, and associate professor of the Department of Informatics and Natural Sciences of Hikmatullo Abdullozoda made a report on the topic "Water resources of Tajikistan and its environmental status."

Also made reports by Ph.D. Khoshimjon Aslonov on the topic “Sarazm is a valuable cultural and historical heritage” and senior lecturer of the Department of English Philology Kesamirova Saodat on the topic “Linguistic essence of the concepts of equivalence, incomplete equivalence and nonequivalence of interlanguage lexical units”.