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The quality of training will improve


The department of monitoring the quality of education, together with the departments of teaching methods and pedagogy and psychology 04.16.2020 held a scientific and methodological seminar on the topic "Ways to improve the quality of education", which was attended by vice-rector for educational and methodical work Abdulmayin Kayumov, heads of departments and heads of other departments.

At the beginning of the seminar, Abdulmayin Kayumov drew the attention of those present to factors of improving the quality of education at the institute and noted that the message of the Founder of the Peace of National Accord, Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected Emomali Rakhmon on improving the quality of education should be the leadership of all teachers.

Further reports were made by the head of the department of teaching methods Karimjon Gadoev on the topic “Effective factors of encouraging students in the process of learning foreign languages” and senior teacher of the department of pedagogy and psychology Murodhusain Ilhomov on the topic “Recommendations on eliminating some shortcomings in the process of improving the quality of education”.

In the end, it was emphasized that to improve the quality of training, teachers should seriously and responsibly prepare for classes and use various teaching methods in the educational process.